Frequently Asked Questions

Have you got any questions about your silicone molds or wooden bezels? Here you’ll find the most common questions.
If you can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact me!


Please, note that there can be postponing in the deliveries due to the current situation.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions – (check your spam folder if you won’t receive our answer within 48 hours).
We wish you and your families to be safe and healthy.

Average delivery time

An AVERAGE delivery time for international shipping you can see in the list below. The information below is approximate and may vary. But be sure that everything is being delivered anyway. The delivery time is regularly updated.

Please, note that there can be postponing in the deliveries due to the current situation. COVID also still has an impact on the deliveries. We do everything depending on us to ship the products in the best way, however, we have no any direct influence on shipping carriers. If you need more information, contact me, please.
! Pre-Christmas deliveries (November-December) might be postponed due to post overload.

  • USA – most of the packages are delivered in 3-5 weeks.
    Service alert (update from Nov 18, 2021) – USA:
    “Due to cancellation of flights and limited air space capacity, there are delays in transport to all destinations in the United States.
    Expected delays: 2-7 days

  • UK – 2-5 weeks;
  • Germany – 2-4 weeks; service alert (update from Dec 14, 2020): expected delay: 4-7 days;
  • France – 2…4 weeks;
  • Rest of Europe – mostly 3-4 weeks (depends on the country), however some packages were on the way for 40-70 days;
    France – service alert (update from Dec 8, 2021): expected delay: 1-8 days;
    Greece – service alert (update from Aug 19, 2021): expected delay: 3-5 days;
    Ireland – service alert (update from Dec 8, 2021): expected delay: 1-11 days;
    Romania – service alert (update from May 21, 2021): expected delay: 4-28 days;

  • Russia – 3-15 days;
  • CIS countries – 2-4 weeks (depends on the country);
  • Asia – 3-6 weeks, however some packages can be on the way for 2-3 months (depends on the country a lot).

  • Australia – 25-60 days.
    Australia doesn’t track small packages, and you’ll see the track updates only up to the border of your country. After this point the track won’t be updated. However, all the packages are always delivered without any problems.
    Service alert (update from Nov 25, 2021) – Australia:
    “Due to COVID-19 measures there are still delays in the processing and delivery of all types of inbound and outbound mail items. In addition, due to cancellation of flights and limited capacity there are delays in transport to Australia. Australia Post is experiencing disruptions to its daily operations due to COVID-19 measures imposed by the government.
    Expected delays: 5-14 days”

  • Canada – 25-60 days.
    Canada doesn’t track small packages, and you’ll see the track updates only up to the border of your country. After this point the track won’t be updated. However, all the packages are always delivered without any problems.
    (Update Dec 3, 2021): Due to heavy rainfall and floods we are still experiencing delays in the delivery of post and parcels to the southwestern part of Canada.
    (Update Nov 23, 2021): A state of emergency has been declared for the province of British Columbia. Due to heavy rainfall and floods, we are currently not able to deliver mail or parcels to the southwestern part of Canada. The affected postcode areas are not clear at the moment but will be shared on our website as soon as possible.
    Expected delays to other provinces (except BC): 5-14 days

Please, take into account that delivery time is shown above especially if you need the parcel for an exact date (for example birthday gift). I would be very grateful if you message me when you do an order and inform me if you need items for any exact date, and we will discuss it.

Coutries where we do not send packages now

We do NOT SEND orders to the following countries: Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, South Africa. Unfortunately many packages sent by us to these countries were lost on the territory of these countries, or were on the way for more than 100 days. We are very upset that we have to exclude these countries. However if you are fine to take a risk with the delivery, message us.

We do NOT SEND NOW because of the COVID (update from Dec 8, 2021), but hopefully we’ll be able to send packages to these countries later: Afghanistan, Brunei, Bhutan, Ecuador, Guadaloupe, Honduras, Jamaica, Laos, Libya, Nauru, Martinique, Montserrat, Solomon Islands, Syria, Timor Leste, Tajikistan, Yemen.

Additional taxes and charges

Additional shipping charges may apply depending on your location and the size of your order. You are responsible for all taxes applicable to the delivery of your order, including sales tax, value-added tax, customs duties, and excise duties. If you need more information about taxes and VAT for your country, please, contact us.

Receiving of the package

The package will have a track number (in more details see questions below). By default you’ll be required to sing for your package to receive it. 

If there is any visible damage to the items or package on delivery (for example the package is torn, etc), you must put in a claim in the post office or via the postman who brings you the package before you take and sign for the package. If you won’t do it at arrival, it will be impossible to prove to a shipping company that the package was damaged during the delivery. Please, check the package for the damages before you sign for it.

Order Processing

How do I make an order?

First, add the molds and bezels you want to your cart. Then, go to the checkout page, enter your details, and place your order. 

After you proceed with the payment, you’ll get an email saying we’ve received your order. If you haven’t received an email from us, check your spam folder.

Then, we’ll start making your order. We make all the molds to order, so this will take about 3-10 working days. It might be longer if you place a custom order or if you order lots of molds of the same type in one go.

Once we’ve made your order, we’ll ship it. After this, we’ll send you another email. This email will contain your track number and a link to track your order.

Please, check your tracking number regularly to know when the package arrives to your local post office.

How long will my order take?

We make molds to order, which usually takes about 3-10 working days.

After that, we’ll send your order by post. See an updated information about the delivery time in the section “Shipping in our FAQ.

How to track my package?

On average we need 3-10 working days to make and ship an order.

After we ship your package, you’ll receive an automatic letter to your email including a track number. Please, check spam folder if you don’t receive the letter.

This information will also be available in the order details in your account’s order history, if you have an account with FamilyMolds.

You can message us and we’ll provide you information about a track number.


We recommend the following website to track packages:

You can also track your package on the website of your country’s postal service (after the package is scanned in your country).


Australia and Canada don’t track small packages, and you’ll see the track updates only up to the border of these countries. After this point the track won’t be updated. However, all the packages are always delivered without any problems.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept payments through Payoneer now. And we’re working on adding more options for payments.

With a Payoneer you’ll be able to pay for the order with your bank card. It takes several working days for the payment to go through and to reach our account. Usually it is the same amount of time that we need for mold making. So, by the time when molds are ready to be shipped, the payment is processed as well.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Will I receive a printed bill / invoice with an order?

We do not add printed bill or invoice to your package by default. We try our best to be eco-friendly and not to waste paper. Because of this we’ll add a bill / invoice only upon request of the customer.

Discount system

We have a discount system:

10% – for repeat customers (sent automatically in a letter to you);

15% – if the total price for all your previously purchased products (without shipping) in our shop was $350 (in USD) or more, then for next purchase you’ll have a 15% discount.

20% – if the total price for all your previously purchased products (without shipping) in our shop was $500 (in USD) or more, then for next purchase you’ll have a 20% discount.

Please, message us for a coupon code if any of these conditions can be applied to you.

Coupon codes will work both here and in our Etsy shop.

Return Policies, Quality Questions

What to do if I think that I received a damaged or wrong product?

We make all molds ourselves, and we do our best to provide you the best product. We use vaccum chamber to get rid of air bubbles in silicone and we use silicone of high quality.

We re-check quality of all the molds before packaging.


If you think that the mold is damaged before you’ve started using it:

  1. Check the item description in our shop. Some master-models are made of real stones, etc and have natural imperfections and it is mentioned in the listing description. These imperfections will be visible on your castings too. Pay attention to the listing descriptions before you make an order.
  2. Check list of materials that our molds are suitable for (see in FAQ and in the instruction provided with your order) to be sure that you haven’t used any material / technique which could damage the mold.
  3. If both above are not the case, please, take a photo of the mold where the defect is visible.

If it was a defect of production, we’ll offer you several solutions.


If you think that you’ve received a wrong mold:

  1. Provide us a photo of your order where we can see missing or wrong mold and bezels.


If you think that you’ve received a mold of another size than you’ve ordered:

  1. Don’t measure the mold, because the size of the hole in the mold is usually not equal to the nominal size of the casting. Measure the ready casting.
  2. If the size is wrong take a photo, please, of the casting near or on the ruler. And would be great if the mold is also visible in the photo, so, we can be sure that the casting is made with this mold.

If the size is not the one you’ve ordered, we’ll offer you several solutions.

Returns and Exchanges

Custom or personalized orders:
We can’t accept returns and exchanges for for custom or personalized orders because of the nature of these items, unless they arrive damaged or defective.

Returns and exchanges for standard molds:
• In case of any problems, please, contact us first. We’ll do our best to help you.
• Generally, you have 14 days to contact us with a request for return / refund after you’ve received the goods.
• We do not accept refunds, returns and exchanged without good reason.
• Returns and refunds are accepted only if the molds / bezels were not used by the buyer.
• Buyers are responsible for return shipping costs. If the item is not returned in its original condition, the buyer is responsible for any loss in value.
• Only price for the molds / bezels will be refunded or substituted (not a shipping price).
• Payments made via Payoneer are non-refundable. We will offer you another solution if you’ve paid with a Payoneer.
• If the package is lost by the carrier during the delivery, we make a refund / substitution after receiving an official answer from the shipping company that the package was lost / damaged.

What to do if I missed the delivery of the package and it is returning to the seller?

• Please, contact us to discuss which solution would be the best in your case.
• Just for your information: returning of the packages takes 3-6 months after the COVID pandemic has started. The shipping company will charge us a shipping fee for the returning of the package (in addition to what was already charged for the shipping to the customer). If these mold / molds to be shipped for the second time, it will cost a shipping fee x 3 times (first fee to deliver to customer + returning fee + shipping fee for the second delivery).

What to do if I added a wrong shipping address in my order?

• Contact us as soon as possible with a correct full shipping address. If we haven’t sent an order yet, we still can change the adress.
• If they order is already shipped, we can’t do anything already. In this case contact your post office to check if you can shedule a delivery to a correct address.
• If the package is already sent back to us, contact us, and we’ll refund you the mold’s price minus returning to sender fee, because to receive the package back we have to pay the shipping company again the same price as we paid to send you the package. In case if you’ve paid via Payoneer, we’ll offer you another solution instead of refund.

Silicone molds

Can I sell jewelry made using your molds and bezels?

Yes, you can.

The jewelry is yours, so you can sell it, gift it, keep it, etc. You don’t have to give me any credit for using my molds and bezels, although I would be very grateful if you did.

Care instructions
  • You can wash molds in warm water with soap if needed. Let it dry itself (do not wipe inside surface).
  • You can remove dust, glitters, etc from the outside of the mold using an adhesive tape or masking tape.


  • Do NOT touch or piece the inside glossy surface of the mold (with hands or tools), because it will damage the surface and will be visible on your finished items.
  • Do NOT use epoxy glue or other aggressive materials, because it will ruin the mold. Jewelry epoxy resins are good for using, but glue is not.
  • Do NOT leave the casting in the mold for longer than 3-5 days.
  • Be very careful if you use a torch or heat gun not to damage the mold. Epoxy resin can fuse with silicone if the temperature is high.
How many times can I reuse my mold?

When you use mold with jewelry type of epoxy resin the surface of the mold will stay glossy for approximately 10-30 uses. This is valid for silicone brands of high quality which we use for our molds.

Some kinds of epoxy resins are more aggressive than others which will damage the surface of the mold faster (it will become matte and opaque).

Do I need to polish my epoxy resin castings after I make them with your molds?

First, check the online description for your mold. If it has a glossy surface, then no, you don’t need to polish your epoxy resin creations. Most of our molds have a glossy surface (if other is not mentioned in the description).

If it has any other type of surface, then you can polish your epoxy resin creation if you want a smooth surface.

Edges near the opening of the mold might require some polishing to smooth out any rough edges.

Do I need to use a release agent with your molds?

You do NOT need any release agent for most of the materials. You may use the mold with jewelry epoxy resin, polymer clay, liquid plastic, etc. and you just put / pour it into the mold.

For some materials (for example some types of urethane resins) a release agent might be needed. Please, check the instruction for your material (technical bulletin), usually the instruction includes all the information. If you have doubts, don’t hesitate to ask me.

You can make a test for your resin on the back of the mold: pour a few drops to see how the resin will be cured and if it will interact with the mold anyhow.

What materials can I use my mold with?

• You can use molds with variety of materials: low-temperature melt light metals, plaster, wax, soap, resins, epoxy resins, polymer clay, gypsum, concrete.

• We recommend to use the molds with jewelry type of epoxy resins.

We recommend NOT to use the molds with table top epoxy resins and similar resins, because they have high aggressiveness and can damage the mold.

• Please, don’t use molds with materials that contain sulfur. If you doubt if your material contains it, please, make a small test first.

• Green silicone is NOT food safe.

If you need a food safe mold, contact me, please.

• Do NOT use molds with epoxy glue and other materials with high aggressiveness.

Just be aware that you should not use any material that contains sulfur.

What types of silicone do you use? What's the difference between them?

For some molds, you can choose what sort of silicone your mold is made out of. There are four types of silicone you can choose from:

  • Green: Shore A Hardness 15 (soft). This is the default option. If there are no silicone options for your mold, then it will be made with green silicone.
  • Blue: Shore A Hardness 30. This silicone is harder than the green one.
  • Transparent: Shore A Hardness 12 or 18 (soft). You will be able to see through transparent silicone.
  • Translucent: Shore A Hardness 15 (soft). You will be able somewhat able to see through translucent silicone, although not as well as with transparent silicone.
What will be the size of the casting made with a mold?

Sizes for the castings are mentioned in the listing description for each mold. Sizes are given in mm and inches.

Please note that we have production tolerances and for some items the size can be +/- 0.5 mm from the nominal size.

Custom and personalized orders

We’ll be glad to create a custom order for you! You are welcomed to contact me for a custom order:

  • If you want an individual set which combines lenses / shapes / models which are presented in my shop;
  • If you want to have a mold with one or several lenses / models which are presented only in sets in my shop;
  • If you want a mold for an exact shape: it can have a complex shape, it will be flat, thickness from 1 to 10 mm (from 1/8″ to 3/8″);
  • If you have the needed model, you can send it to me to make a mold.

Please, contact me regarding max / min sizes of molds and models and other details.

Head over to my custom order page, where you can request your custom mold. I’ll be happy to help you.