Wooden bezels for jewelry making. Instruction

We offer a wide range of open wooden bezels in our shop. You can find them here. We can also make a custom size / shape upon a request.

You can create a variety of jewelry in different styles. Below there is a short instruction on how to make jewelry using the bezels.

Step 1. Preparation of bezels

The bezels can be sanded first. Use sandpaper 220-grit or higher grit. We recommend polishing along the wood fibers to avoid splitting.

Use bezels straight away or cover them with wood stain or acrylic paint. Be sure to dry wooden bezels first before making any further manipulations.

Step 2. Attaching to an adhesive tape

Use packing adhesive tape or high-quality masking tape. Try to use an area of the tape that does not have blotches or marks.

Press the bezel into the tape. For a better result flip over the bezel and press the tape along the inside and outside perimeter not to have any leakages.

Step 3. Filling the bezel

Usually open bezels are filled with epoxy resin.

Mix epoxy resin in proportion according to the instruction for your resin. Fill the bezel for approximately one-third of its depth. Let this layer get firm (usually 24 hours).

Pour the second layer of epoxy resin. You can add colorant, flowers, glitters, stickers and whatever you feel will look good.

Then add a third finish layer of epoxy resin. You can cover only the cutout with it, or the whole frame. Both options can be used depending on which effect you’d like to achieve.

Step 4. Taking off the tape from the bezels

You can take out the tape either when the first layer is firm, or when the whole bezel is filled. However, based on our experience it is better not to leave the tape for too long on the filled bezel because it leaves more glue spots later on.

After you take out the tape, you can sand the surface if needed and / or cover it with a layer of epoxy resin.


Below you can see several examples of the result.

In this example golden leaves and glitters were added into epoxy resin.
The bezel is covered with epoxy resin from both sides
Wooden bezels are painted with black acrylic paint.
Epoxy resin with glitters of several colors
Wooden bezels are covered with wooden stain.
Dried flowers in clear epoxy resin


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